April 4, 2019

Stacking Wisdom - 005 – Claudio Ferrone (www.claudioferronedj.com / Stereophonic Records / Opium Muzik)

Stacking Wisdom - 005 – Claudio Ferrone (www.claudioferronedj.com)


In this episode we speak to Claudio Ferrone an electronic/house music Artist, DJ, Producer (www.claudioferronedj.com) and host of TorHouseMusic Podcast (www.torhousemusic.com).


Claudio speaks to us about the early days of House music scene in Toronto and Ontario. He takes us back on a journey to how he was introduced to the scene and the development of the industry.


Claudio Ferrone recently has revamped his DJ/Producer career and is working with two record labels Stereophonic Records (Italy) and Opium Muzik (USA/Italy) on releasing his music.


In this podcast we discuss the creativity process, the business of the music industry, current state of the music scene and all the aspects that bring controversy to the club culture such as drugs.


As an artist there is always difficulty to combine the creative process together with the business aspect of the music production and DJing. Claudio tells us about his growth as a person and the ability to use his now life experience in creating a strong brand and how it has been partly a blessing to have a second chance in a music career.


We learn about Claudio’s connection to Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) and Kenny Glasgow (Art Department) who gifted him his very first mixer.

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