March 25, 2019

Stacking Wisdom - 003 – Avee Kalra (Kiravee Inc.)

In our third episode with speak with Avee Kalra, founder and co-owner of Kiravee Inc., general contractor services company.


Avee talks about his journey in proving himself in a new country far away from his father’s business; his search in finding his passion and how he learned to adapt his artistic skills to serve his new purpose. He reflects on how he learned to stand his ground and to set and adjust his life goals along the way.


At the start of his career he admits to being stubborn and careless. Life however, has taught him some very hard lessons while almost loosing his hand to an accident and the turning point in his life while he almost froze in a minus 30 Celsius (-22 F) Canadian winter.


Avee’s small misfortunes permitted him to learn all the ins and outs of the construction business every step of the way, which in-turn became a blessing allowing him to start his own construction company while also being able to perform every conceivable task necessary to make his business a success.

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