May 1, 2019

Stacking Wisdom – 010 – Jillian Howard-Bowman (

Jillian is a business growth strategist who works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and mompreneurs. Her works consists of providing a business minded clear vision of what the business can become and the heights it can attain. Creating a long-term strategy can provide a focused approach to doing business in the direction it needs to grow into.

Jillian has channeled her wisdom and knowledge into an affordable online course which is currently going through a beta testing stage. This course will allow many of the smaller businesses the opportunity to gain the insights of a long-time marketing specialist and strategist without a high markup cost of hiring one to plan and create the future goals for their business.

Jillian has spent more then 25 years working and running marketing agencies; and has built marketing strategies for hundreds of massive and well renowned brands such as Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Durex Condom’s and Canadian Club just to mention a few.

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