April 25, 2019

Stacking Wisdom – 009 – Matt Jones (www.mjonescreations.ca)

Matt Jones is the artist behind the center piece on our podcast. Matt speaks to us in depth about his inspiration behind the Red, White and Moose. He has developed numerous other products from reclaimed wood he collects from barn board out in the country. Each piece is unique and is a one of kind creation with the wood texture, grain and pieces having being exposed to elements outdoors for decades.

Matt is also a real estate agent for Royal Le Page in Brantford, Ontario specialized in working with rural areas. We discuss the current state of the market in Brantford and the surrounding area. We discuss the continuous growth in the area due to a lot of the population moving further away from GTA (Greater Toronto Area). This allows him to have the flexibility of working in another venture as well as the time necessary to dedicate himself to producing unique artwork.

He also works in a seasonal retail management company having helped launch Virgin Mobile in a span of 3 years by setting up retail outlet locations in the Malls. In addition to having been involved with the Calendar Club of Canada for the last 25 years, while managing 12 locations through out Southern Ontario.

We discuss time management and having to balance 3 jobs (businesses) which some days extend to having to do 3 full time jobs. The balancing act of consistently being able to perform great at all three businesses and staying sane and happy while being under constant pressure. All the meanwhile having the patience and inspiration to produce art consistently while pouring your soul into the process.

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