In this episode we speak to Chef Eyal Liebman and Sommelier Rifka Meir, owners of Chef & Somm Bespoke Dining (Toronto’s Bespoke Private Chef & Sommelier Service).


They speak of their struggle of arriving in Canada as immigrants and facing the 2008 recession. They speak of changing their careers in order to make a living but also finding themselves in the food and wine industry. The years of experience allowed them to grow as professionals and to establish an innovative collaboration in order to provide clients with a one of a kind dinning experience.


The conversation sheds light on the hardships experienced by many working in the food industry. They tell us about their initial failed business concept that taught them to cater to an undeserved niche. They discuss the difference in running a large corporate entity and the difference of making a small business successful.


An in-depth discussion on the consumers unhealthy relationship with convenience of quick ready to eat meals and the respect that needs to be shown to the food and to the cooking process by every human in order to maintain good health.


They discuss how their knowledge gained through travel and the exposure to many cultures allows them to create a unique experience for their clients.

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